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Special Funeral Requests & Arrangements in Perth

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Making every service unique

Choose Peaceful Funeral Services when you want more than ordinary services. Our funeral directors and caring staff will do everything they can to support you and your families’ wishes. 

The most personalised funerals in Perth

Incorporating passions & hobbies

We make sure your loved one’s service is as unique as they were. Our services focus on the small, beautiful details that make us all who we are. For example, if your loved one was a golfer we can arrange for a golf tee to be placed on the coffin.
We now also offer a motorbike trailer available for those that would like a different way to get to their service. The coffin is placed on the trailer and towed by either one of 2 bikes we have available to assist.

We love to listen

Our helpful staff will listen & help express the qualities that made your loved one special.
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Accommodating all family members

Family members also consist of the four legged variety, and we offer viewings for grieving pets. We respect the wishes and requests of the family and carry them out in a dignified and respectful manner.
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